Spend Quality Time with Your Guests

One common regret that many couples have after their wedding has come and gone, is not getting to spend time with their guests.  Before you know it, your big day has flown by and you may not have a chance to even greet all of your guests at your reception. If you have a lot of out of town guests, consider planning a brunch the day after your wedding if you aren't leaving right away for your honeymoon.

A next-day brunch either at your home, or at a restaurant is a great time to recap all of the highlights from the wedding, take some more family photos, & give goodbye hugs to all of your out of town guests.  Keep in mind, this can be as relaxed and informal as you want so you wont need to send out invitations & don't feel like you have to go big! Depending on the number of guests who can attend the brunch, it may be easier to just touch base the morning after your wedding and get a plan together.  If one of your friends or family members would like to be in charge of planning the event, give them the reins and enjoy.

Here are some ideas for creative ways to celebrate, and spend time with family after your event. - Brunch, Champagne Brunch - Taco Bar - BBQ - Put some meat on the grill and enjoy some cold ones! - Picnic - pack some sandwiches and head to your nearby park or share your favorite scenic spot with your family and friends. - Host your guests at your home, provide some veggie or deli trays and drinks while you open gifts. - Sports events or hobbies such as golf, invite them to play a round of golf as a way to have some fun competition! - Get in the kitchen, and learn some of the family recipes. Enjoy good company and bake some muffins, pies, or cook one of your grandmothers best recipes. Not only will you have fun in the kitchen and get some quality time in, but everyone will enjoy tasting your creations!

Some of your guests may have traveled far to be able to make it to your big day, so making the effort to show your appreciation is really a kind way to say thank you. Weddings tend to be a family reunion in a sense, so take advantage of having everyone in the same place at the same time.  In some cases, this may be the first time your extended family is meeting your new husband or wife and they may just want to get to know them a little!

Did you have a creative idea for the day after your wedding? Share your stories, we would love to hear your comments and ideas!