Say 'I Do' Unconventionally!

Who says your wedding guests have to know they are going to a wedding?  Recently, we have seen a spike in Surprise Weddings and we think it is trend that could stick around.  It is perfect for the couple who has gone around and around about where they would want to have their wedding, how much they want to spend, and those who aren't particularly fond of the traditional wedding process. How does one plan a surprise wedding?  Well first thing is first, ..Location!  If you happen to have a spacious home or a large backyard, or know someone who would be willing to host in your honor than you are in luck.  Guests probably won't question a backyard event, so you could use some alternative occasions like an Engagement Party, a Summer Lau, Graduation, or Tri-Tip Cook-off to use as the decoy reason for gathering.  Second, decide who you want to let in on the surprise.  You can choose to tell your parents, maid of honor, best man or whom ever you would like as long as they can keep a secret!  Besides, you will need some helpers to pull this off!

If you do not have the space available, contact some of the local venues for information on the amenities and pricing.  You will need to know your approximate guest count, and a potential date.  Consider asking the venue if they offer lower rates for weekdays compared to Saturday and Sunday rates.

We know a surprise wedding is not for everyone. For brides who have dreamed of their wedding day for years, a more traditional wedding with a set date and invitations may be more appropriate! However, if the thought of a big fancy wedding stresses you out, you may feel relieved by knowing that your guests are going to be blown away by the surprise and it will be a fun and memorable wedding for all!  You can still have a lot of the same elements of a traditional wedding like the bouquet toss, and first dance.  The best part is that it is up to you!

Some of the perks of a surprise wedding are a lower overall budget because you won't have a lot of the formalities such as the cost of invitations & postage, venue (if you are having a backyard event), and you may end up with a smaller guest list which will greatly reduce your expenses.  The biggest perk is getting to be creative, and coming up with a plan on how to carry out your scheme and keeping it a secret until the big reveal!

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