The one thing that couples forget when planning their wedding day

All good things (even epic wedding days) come to an end.. what is the game plan when the DJ plays the last song and everyone is heading to the after party? 

Who cleans up?
Who is taking your left over food, cake, gifts etc?
Who packs up all of your belongings? 
Who will return all of your rentals (cake stand, glass centerpieces, easels etc) on the next business day?

The point is that while planning your wedding it is easy to only focus on what it will take to get you down the aisle and to have a seriously good time - We totally get that ;)  As a wedding planner we hate to hear about the couples who had to clean up their own wedding because no one planned out that aspect ahead of time.  Make sure to consider the clean up when selecting your venue, rental companies and all service packages.

We want the end of the night to be as smooth and stress free as the day itself and when planned accordingly, it totally can be!  Oh and we really don't want your mom, aunt, best friend, or brother to be hauling your stuff to the car at midnight.  That's why you want to hire a wedding planner!

Your wedding planner will be responsible for thoroughly reviewing all contracts/invoices with vendors so that we are 100% aware of what needs to be returned to vendors after the wedding and when it needs to be back.  Keep in mind that for some rentals you have a security deposit so if the cake stand needs to be returned by tuesday (clean and free of any cake/food residue) then we need to ensure it has been washed and that it will be returned so that you receive your deposit back.  

Make sure to discuss clean up with your venue to make sure that you understand what condition the venue needs to be in by the end of the night or next morning.  Is someone responsible for taking the garbage to the dumpster, sweeping the floor, stacking chairs etc? These are not details that you want to forget and they need to be addressed within your timeline and wedding agreements with all respective vendors.  

Have questions about what a wedding planner does? What is the difference between full service planning and Event Management or "Day of" services? Check out our Services page to find out more.

~ Happy Planning ~