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Choosing Your Wedding Rings

So you are engaged and you can finally go longer than 5 minutes without staring at your shiny new ring, but it is time to think about your wedding bands.  Do you plan to pick out your husband's band on your own, or go together? What type of metal or style would he like, as there are more options than one might think!  If your engagement ring came as a set with a matching band then you are all set other than deciding if you want to solder your rings together or not.  If your engagement ring was not part of a set, you can check with your jeweler to see if there is a matching band or decide if you may want to have a band custom made.

Diamond Wedding Bands There is also a trend of just wearing a band rather than an engagement ring and wedding band, which is a nice option for women who work with their hands a lot and want to keep things more simple.  { Image courtesy of Brides.com } Of course, you could choose not to solder your wedding ring and engagement ring, wearing both or just one or the other if you would like.

Now when it comes time to choose your groom's band there are some things to consider: - Budget - Lifestyle (Type of work, if rough on hands will need a stronger metal) - Metal Type: (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten & Palladium) - Style, men's bands have evolved into some very stylish options! metaltypes

See the breakdown on the pros and cons of each metal type, courtesy of Larson Jewelers. What is your groom's style? Polished-Comfort-Fit-Tungsten-Ring-8-mm-Mens-Engagement-Wedding-Band-RingTriton-Mens-8_0mm-Diamond-Accent-Comfort-Fit-Tungsten-Carbide-Wedding-Bandwoodgrain  wedding band

Just think,soon you will be exchanging rings at the altar! ~Happy Planning~

Wedding Rings Guaranteed to be Original!

Wedding Rings have come a long way, with new styles and gemstones being introduced constantly there are virtually endless options.  We have posted about Rose Gold, and Celebrity Bling but this post is about a company who offers a new spin on custom jewelry. For some couples, it is about finding the ring that fits their unique personality and captures the essence of who they are.  They may not know exactly what style rings they are looking for until they see "the one."  Brent & Jess offers custom fingerprint and signature jewelry including wedding rings, pendants, keepsakes and more. With the ability to put your own personal stamp on your wedding rings, or special piece of jewelry it just doesn't get more custom than that.  We not only instantly liked the concept, but we liked that the company was a small start up with a passion and has blossomed into a successful brand! Photos Courtesy of Brent&Jess.Com

About the Company: Brent and Jess created the first fingerprint wedding bands in the early 2000s. In 2007 they finally had the opportunity to pursue their dream of starting their own business and began listing the Original Custom Fingerprint Wedding Band in sterling silver on the fine craft website Etsy.com. The idea was picked up by several wedding blogs, and customers quickly began asking for the rings in finer materials.

About the Jewelry: While the Original Custom Fingerprint Wedding Band is still offered in sterling silver, Brent and Jess have expanded their line over the years to include many fingerprint jewelry creations in gold, palladium, and platinum.  The company is eco-conscious and all the pieces are handmade in the USA.

You may be looking for a special way to say " I Love You" or possibly looking for a gift that will make a lasting impression, if so visit Brent & Jess's website or blog for more information and to check out the rest of their designs!