Northern California Wedding Planner | 2016 in Review

Veronica's Year in Review 

2016 can't already be over can it? Well the calendar is telling me that it's a done deal! Let's see, 2016 was a pretty great year I'd say. Our team grew and I met miss Delphine, who has blossomed into an amazing planner and business partner.  {Please excuse our cell phone photos, we're planners not photographers}


I feel blessed to have had a busy wedding season with amazing clients even while sporting a fabulous baby bump! Here's our family/maternity photos. Looking back it seems like the pregnancy went by so fast, but I know that it didn't feel that way in the middle of summer!

Photos by LedbyLight Photography

Photos by LedbyLight Photography

Just like that, in mid September, I met the newest addition to my little family Adriana Danielle! It's true what they say about having kids, you truly didn't know that your heart could love that much until you have your own tiny humans.  

Photo by Amanda Hobbs Photography

Photo by Amanda Hobbs Photography

This year has been filled with couples that were so near to our hearts, we could not be any luckier to get to do what we do! We look forward to 2017 and another year of connecting with amazing couples and continuing to grow as wedding planners and business owners.  

We sincerely wish you a Happy New Years! If you haven't followed us on Instagram yet make sure to find us at @530bride.  Here was our top 9 Instagram posts for the year!

Show us your Top 9 on Instagram!

Show us your Top 9 on Instagram!

Cheers & Happy Planning 

- Veronica 

Social Media & Your Wedding

social%20media%20tag%20cloud%20heart%20shapefacebook-cookie-wedding As the new iPhone 6 and 6+ is released, we see more and more apps created out of convenience and our need to be constantly connected to the world around us.  We share tidbits of our daily lives, (some share more than others) but when it comes to your wedding you should consider how much you want to put out there.  Documenting your wedding in social media has it's definite pros and cons, according to, Social Media has "intensified the pressures for wedding perfection."  Images courtesy of,

To share or not to share...

The main issue that I come across is when couples have a limited guest list and a friend or family member get upset when they read via Facebook that others were invited, and they weren't.  This can be avoided by only sharing event information via private messages, or by phone or speak with anyone you think may be offended by not getting an invite to explain your limited guest list.

For those who are looking forward to sharing all of their wedding details online, social media can serve as a tool to help you not only post your information but to connect with others who want to share pictures or communicate. Here are a few different ways to use social media.


1.  Create a Wedding Website Access tools like sharing your inspiration details, gather and share photos, post your registry link or event information such as directions or local attractions for out of town guests.  You can create your own free site at,, or design a premium site at (Image courtesy of


2. Hashtags You can create a hashtag for your wedding, and put the information on a sign at your reception notifying guests of how they can post pictures or well wishes.  Dress it up by adding coordinating flowers or décor.  (Images courtesy

youtubewedding 3. YouTube If you have a dance number planned, or funny toast you can share these must watch moments on youtube to share with guests who couldn't attend.


4. Pinterest Pinterest offers a Privacy option for your board allowing you to make the board "secret" or choose to can view/submit pins.  This would allow your bridal party to be in on things without putting it on social media if needed.

At the end of the day, it is completely up to you if you want to keep your wedding information private, or share with the world so make sure to communicate your wishes with your friends and family.

Happy Planning