Northern California Wedding Planner | June Wedding Highlights

Raise your hand if you can't believe how fast the month of June went by! *Raises hand* Yep, we were in go mode for all of our June weddings and we can't wait to see the images from each of the amazing days! For now we wanted to share some of the highlights of the last few weeks!

06.02 - Kristen & Greg - Highland Ranch Resort, Mill Creek

06.02 - Lawna & Eric - Creekside Rose Garden, Chico 

06.02 - Michelle & Mike - Private Residence, Durham 

Photo by  AVH Photography

06.09 - Kera & David - Almendra Winery, Durham 

06.09 - Danielle & Jordan - Gale Vineyards, Durham 

Loved this shot of Delphine with one of our brides Danielle on her wedding day!

Loved this shot of Delphine with one of our brides Danielle on her wedding day!

6.16 - Amanda & Emilio, St. Johns Baptist Church and Private Residence in Biggs 

6.16 - Rachel & Jason ~ White Ranch, Chico 

Photo by  TreCreative  

Photo by TreCreative 

6.16 - Patria and Kyle - Bella Rosa Farms 

Lead planner Jenn captured these behind the scenes photos, we can't wait to see images from Morgan Chantelle Photography! 

Lead planner Jenn captured these behind the scenes photos, we can't wait to see images from Morgan Chantelle Photography! 

6.23 - Heather & Tom ~ Memorial Hall, Orland 

6.23 - Victoria & James ~ North Star House, Grass Valley 

Love this sneak peek by  Cassie Mae Photography!

Love this sneak peek by Cassie Mae Photography!

With all of these beautiful wedding days it's no wonder we are absolutely hooked on serving our couples and being a part of something so special.  Stay tuned for full blog posts! 

~ Happy planning!

Northern California Wedding Planner | Ceremony Planning Tips

To have and to hold..

Photo by Daffodilhill Photography 

Photo by Daffodilhill Photography 

So much planning goes into this day, from the people you invite to the details on the tables.  It is one day where you get to celebrate this amazing commitment you are about to make to the love of your life!

We know that the ceremony doesn't get as much glamour as the reception details but we've gotta say the weddings that emphasized the ceremony details are the ones who have really stuck out in our minds over the years.  Personalized vows and words from the heart gives your guests a glimpse into all the ways the universe brought you two together.  

Cambria and Tyler had their ceremony at Bidwell Presbyterian church and their pastors shared testimony of how amazing these two people are, and what amazing things they will do together in life.  There were beautiful hymns and prayers, and sitting in the pews surrounded by their loved ones was pretty powerful. 

Photo by Morgan Chantelle Photography

Photo by Morgan Chantelle Photography

Rose and Harry had seven friends each read a blessing or special words for the couple and it showed how they valued their core group who have cheered them on over the years while their relationship grew.  Their ceremony was officiated by a close friend who gave an emotional testimony about how this couple had already been demonstrating the commitment and unconditional love that marriage requires.  {Photo by Essence Photography via Instagram}

This past weekend at Highland Ranch Resort, Kristin and Greg had us in tears as they read aloud their vows.  It was as if they had invited us all into their thoughts and into their hearts to share all of the moments they felt throughout their relationship that "this was the one."  Greg shared notes that he had kept in a journal ever since he met Kristin, words that he had never told Kristin like how he felt after their first date and when he knew he was going to ask her to marry him.  It was special and so meaningful to see how much thought they had put into the ceremony. {Photo by Daffodilhill Photography via Instagram}

If you're working on your ceremony details and feel like there is no way you could share personalized vows while balling like a baby at the altar, consider writing some short notes that the officiant could read aloud.   Or consider reading your vows/letters to each other during your first look or newlywed photos with just your photographer/ about keepsake moments!

Stuck on how to plan your ceremony processional or what to say? Download our ceremony processional planner for more resources or shoot us a message to schedule a complimentary consultation! 
~ Happy Planning! ~