Do it your way, you'll be happier in the end.

This morning on Facebook a friend of mine was lamenting over guilt about not wanting a traditional wedding. My advice to her? Don't be guilty! This day in age a wedding can be anything you want it to be, and more. So don't feel guilty. Break traditions, forge your own path. Your wedding day will come and go and what you will be left with are the memories of this special time in your life. Make the memories good ones and plan a wedding that speaks to you and your dream, don't have a wedding for anyone but yourselves! Here are a few examples of "Non-Traditional" weddings that we think are FABULOUS!


This awesome couple had their wedding IN A CANDY STORE! Who needs  a church when you can tie the knot surrounded by Lollipops!











Love dressing up in costumes?

Have a Masquerade Ball!




White dress and satin shoes not your cup of tea?

Check out this bride and her Rock n Roll Leopard theme wedding complete with red gown, and a leopard accented cupcake adorned wedding cake!





The thing to remember is that the bottom line is that it's YOUR DAY and you have to decide what that means for you!