Chiavari Chair Rentals

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Chiavari Chairs by 530 Events, featured with Decor by WeDo Designs & Cambray Rose Florist.

Chiavari Chairs are certainly the industry standard when it comes to rentals for an elegant event.  You will find them gracing the pages of the most popular bridal magazines.  These chairs are dynamic because they can stand alone or be paired with decorative cushions and sashes to match any theme or decor.

So where does the name "Chiavari" from? The Chiavari chair is named after the coastal Italian town of Chiavari from which the design of the chair originates. To read more on the evolution of the Chiavari Chair design, click here.

What are Chiavari Chairs Made of? Chiavari Chairs are very light weight and can be made from wood, resin, acryllic, aluminum or metal.  Our chairs are made from high quality, commercial grade hardwood.  A wood chiavari chair weighs approximately 11 pounds. The light weight makes chiavari chairs easy to transport and setup.

Do I need to add anything extra to the chairs? While these chairs can definitely stand alone, an additional way to compliment your theme is to simply add a sash or change your cushion color.  Contact us today to get started on your custom look!

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