Wedding films and happy tears

By Christina Rafael

Much like my love for all things Nicholas Sparks and Adele, I love a good cry.

Though my fiance makes fun of my ability to shed tears at the start of a sad song (or really good Google commercial), wedding films are the icing on the cake to my cry sessions.

Something about the combination of music to the happiness of vows, change of family dynamics and new beginnings always guarantees a lunge for the tissue box.

So grab a Kleenex and take a look at my top 3 favorite wedding films:

Wiley & Mallory -

I mean, come on…this man's vows win every award! The way he looks at her during her vow reading, the soft "baby" as she finishes and that crying break at 1:27 had me in tears immediately.

I think what I like most about this film is that the love these two have for one another is apparent in every action captured. Their story wasn't convenient and lacked storybook effortlessness but the couple worked hard to stay together, despite all odds, and had their happy ending. His vows were the structure this film needs to pull the best kinds of heart strings.

Jake & Jordan -

I think what really gets me in this film is the family dynamics. From the family members featured on her bouquet to the dad/ bride moment, it's all Hallmark gold. I also loved the idea of writing a letter to your bride/ groom to be read before you see each other and might steal it. ;)

As Jordan reads the lines referencing "the mother to my children" and "the grandmother to my grandchildren" I can't help but wipe away some happy tears. What a sweet idea, great groom and amazing words to capture.

Brandon & Stacey -

I'm a bit partial when it comes to this one because it hits so close to home. From the smile she has when she talks about her groom to cry-heavy vows she uses, it's a mirror image of myself. It also doesn't help that this couple's film was shot by a videographer team from Chico (who just got married, congrats Stephen & Chelsey!).

I lose my cool when she tells her groom that when he told her she was beautiful, she finally believed it. It's such an honest sentiment to spill in a vow and really lets the viewer in on their relationship dynamic. The groom's vows are also highlighted when he reveals the best decision he's made: her.

Book a Videographer If you can swing it budget wise, having a wedding film is definitely something to consider for any couple. In addition to being unique each time, a videographer can capture fast-paced wedding day details and emotions in first-person way, so you (and family members who could or could not attend) can revisit your special day as if it was happening again.

Though was highlighted, there are many more local options to explore.

Research online or book us for an hourly consultation to find the best videographer for your special day!


The Bash - Recap

We always enjoy getting to mingle with brides and local vendors, so we couldn't miss The Bash event hosted by  Carey of The Idea Emporium. The Bash featured Poise Photography, treats by Three Girls and a Kitchen & Lovely Layers, decor by The Idea Emporium & Eco Peach Events.  Magik Entertainment DJ'd & Snapshots Photobooth's provided the props & booth for a good time!

Here are a few snapshots from the ol' iPhone for those who missed it and we look forward to more out of the box events in the future!  

Stay tuned for upcoming wedding events in our area.  Have an event to share? Contact us


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from The 530 Bride! Take this time to celebrate the ones you love, and enjoy all of the candy that comes along with this fun holiday! Cupid works his magic around this time of year, so we aren't suprised we have already seen several couples get engaged this week! While every couple celebrates differently, we believe you can show you care in simple ways and you don't have to go over the top.  Whether you are a new couple or have been married for years consider some of the fun gift ideas and activities available in our area. 1. If your sweetie has a sweet tooth pick up some goodies that you both will enjoy Cupcake Crusader, Chico Sublime Cake Design, Redding Upper Crust, Chico CocoAmatrice Artisan Chocolates, Paradise Shuberts Ice Cream & Candy, Chico Powell's Sweet Shoppe, Chico The Cookie Tree, Yuba City

2. Suprise your sweetie with lunch or his/her favorite coffee Stop by his/her work with some lunch or maybe a coffee, we bet you will get a smile from ear to ear!  Guys: throw in a single stem flower to add a simple and romantic detail to her suprise. 3. Confess Your Love If cards aren't your style and you have a smartphone or camera phone, confess your love in a short video. Be yourself, if you aren't comfortable in front of the camera consider making a slide show including some of your favorite photos together. Add some music as a finishing touch, and your sweetie is sure to keep it forever. Check out some of these links to create a free slideshow: 4. Dine-In Dinner at home may not sound like Valentine's Day material, but turn off your cell phones, computer and tv so that you can catch up and focus on each other.  Make the extra effort and find a new recipe to make together while enjoying some wine and great conversation.

5.  Say Cheese Valentines Day is a great excuse to get dressed up and snap some pictures, why not have a professional take them for you? Call around to some of the local photographers for a casual photoshoot to capture this romantic day.  If you already have photos, choose your favorite and find a beautiful frame.

Last but not least, you can't go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Chico Florist Salvagno's Events Marshall's Floral & Fine Gifts The Garden Gate The Country Florist

Post your favorite Valentines Day Memories here!

Featured Venue ~ Gover Ranch Events Garden

We had heard about this country gem, and all of the praise is well deserved!  If you are looking for an effortlessly beautiful outdoor venue, Gover Ranch should be on your list of venues to check out.   When you tour the grounds of The Gover Ranch Events Garden, you may have the feeling you are walking in the Secret Gardens with all of the greenery, fountains and roses.  We were lucky enough to see the site being set up for a wedding that day, take a look for yourself at some of these snapshots from our time at The Gover Ranch.

Gover Ranch is located at 3774 Gover Road, in Anderson.  To find out more about this lovely venue and schedule a tour, call Gover Ranch (530) 365-7091  or send inquiries to   and Like them on Facebook!

Did you get married at the Gover Ranch? Share your comments and photos with us!

Featured Vendor ~ Sublime Cake Design

Sublime Cake Design is a new business to Redding, CA and for those of you who with a sweet tooth, listen up! I first met Wiley Saccheri a couple  months back and could see the passion he has for his craft!  As the owner of Sublime Cake Designs, he brings fresh designs to the table and offers a bright and modern storefront to the city of Redding. When you look through Sublime Cake Design's portfolio you will quickly see the creativity and playfulness of the cake decorators and that there really are endless possibilities with cakes. Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other events are all the perfect time to have a cake that captures the moment.


  3-D Cakes make a statement and are very memorable, what bride wouldn't want a Tiffany & Co. Cake? Amazing!

Cupcakes are great treats for events and have become an alternative for brides who want something different but still tasty!

Cupcakes can also make great favors for bridal showers and weddings.

With all of these tasty cupcake flavors, you can feel free to mix and match to give your guests choices but they might just want one of each!




Stop by Sublime Cake Design's Grand Opening on August 27th at 2550 Bechelli Lane in Redding,  from 10 AM to 4PM for free mini cupcakes all day long!
To sweeten the deal, enter the raffle for a$ 100 gift certifcate!You can always visit Sublime Cake Design's website, or stop by their Facebook page at

Let us know which cupcake flavor is your favorite!

Open House at The Palms Recap

If you weren't able to attend the open house on May 10th, at The Palms Pavilion in Chico, we don't mind showing you the highlights of the event!  If you attended, but just want to see some of the beautiful table settings and decor again, we don't blame you.

The open house at The Palms Pavilion featured:

To better describe the inspirations behind each of the featured table settings, we will let Nyala & Rabina Khan with WeDo Designs take you through each concept one by one!

"Every year we try to renew our contract with the design world. Competing in various way to capture the attention of brides and event hosts. We want to be identified as a design team not just a rental facility. The biggest factor in any design is color, so we took that element and made it the forefront of our presentations at the May 10th Open House at The Palms Pavilion.

Every year Pantone, a company known as the color authority releases 10 colors for each season as colors of the season/year. The colors are chosen from a plethora of picked brains from the fashion and design world. To follow those color trends we infused them into our table designs. One color however reaches to the honor of "Color of The Year". This year, that color is called "Honeysuckle," which is an elegant pink. To use this color we had to place a custom order for a fabric that matched the Pantone color formula for Honeysuckle.  As you can see on our first table.

The honeysuckle table has a glitter platform pump flower garden theme centerpiece, accented by gold chains and leaf pendents medallions. This next table is using the color "Phlox," a deep royal purple from the fall lineup that carries a richness and glamor.  We used this color as an accent, as it shares glimpses in the ribbon work on the runner and chair cover. The table design is center-pieced with a wine inspired look designed by Cambry Rose Florist. The color showcased here, is "Coral Rose" which was pulled from the spring collection. It's an orangy color with a hint of warmth, and we layered it with a monochromatic organza ribbon detailed overlay. The centerpiece is as fun as the spring color.

"Nougat" from the fall collection is my favorite of them all, and we had the luxury of being able to showcase this color with the ultra luxe satin ribbon wave overlay. This table was kept monochromatic from top to bottom. This table boasts a flowerless centerpiece using feather, fabric, and crystal elements. Showing you that you don't have to have flowers to have effect.

This next table was outside of the color pallet, but is in tune with a special moment of history; The Royal Wedding. We used a soft butter cream luxe lamour table cloth and a exquisite beaded and crystal-ed lace overlay. Nothing short of royal, this table setting was donned with a gorgeous centerpiece designed with a royal crowd in mind by Cambry Rose. This table setting is a true platinum bride vision.

Lets not forget about the great food, drinks & entertainment!

Smores station provided by Chico Catering Photo Booth Provided by The Palms Pavilion


WeDo Designs also has an on-site showroom at the Palms, so lets take a peak!

WeDo Designs always seems to outdo themselves! Contact Rabina Khan with WeDo Designs at or check out them out on Facebook!

If you would like more information on any of the vendors at this event go to

We want to say a huge thank you to Burns Photography, for their beautiful images of this great event.  To contact Burns Photography in Chico, check out