Northern California Wedding Planner | The Secret About Your Wedding Vendors

You'll never guess what your wedding vendors are doing.  When you find out what is going on in the backend of wedding planning you might be surprised. 

Your wedding vendors are sharing information, timelines, rental lists, questions and ideas all to make sure your wedding is not only beautiful but seamless.  It might not be shocking per say, but over the last two years we have seen a big shift to collaboration and team-work; we couldn't be happier.  

We are happy to be a part of local groups like the Chico Wedding Collective!

We are happy to be a part of local groups like the Chico Wedding Collective!

A big catalyst for this change is the management and communication tool that is sweeping the event world called Honeybook.  This is where we can create a project (your wedding) and add vendors to a virtual workspace in order to share your details and communicate throughout the process.  You can login to your wedding and see the exchanges of emails and files among your vendors, they are working hard as a team!

aisleplanner dashboard

There are many great ways that technology has improved the planning process for couples, for example we use a virtual dashboard system for our couples to have 24/7 access to their timeline, budget, contracts and design boards.  We love interacting with our couples and being there every step of the way.  

What tools or systems have you started using to plan your wedding? Still a paper & pen kind of gal? That works too!

~ Happy Planning~