Announce Your Engagement

Chances are if you are newly engaged you are probably so excited that you could shout it from the rooftops or tell everyone in the grocery store check out lines! The first people to know should be your parents, close relatives and friends.  Try to resist the temptation to post it on social media pages until you have personally shared your delightful news with those nearest and dearest. Once you have gotten the word out to those closest to you, consider some of the options you have to spread the news.  Below are some ideas on how to make your announcement.

1. Make your announcement in the Newspaper If your wedding is more traditional, placing an announcement in the newspaper is more appropriate as your local friends and family will be looking for your announcement.  What does an engagement announcement entail?  Typically, an engagement announcement is kept short & sweet including the following information:

♥ First and Last Names ♥ Names of Parents ♥ Location where you live, or where you are from ♥ Wedding Date and Ceremony/Reception Location

Newspapers will often charge a fee for publishing your announcements, but you will recieve several copies as keepsakes for you and your families. Couples can submit a black & white or color photo to be included with the announcement.

2. Social Media After you tell your family, make your announcement on your favorite social media page to share with all of your friends!

3.  Send out An Engagement Card Incorporate your favorite photo into an engagement announcement and design a card using sites like  Shutterfly, Zazzle, Cardstore & Vistaprint. You can even create custom postage!

4. Create a Free Wedding Website When you create a wedding website, you can share all of the details of how you met, the proposal, and all of your wedding planning information. You can upload photos, invite guests to view your site and sign your guestbook & much more.   Many sites offer this service for free, check out the links below to create your wedding website today!

Project Wedding          The Knot                    eWedding

5.  Share your Engagement with The 530 Bride! We love to hear your engagement and wedding news, post a pic of that rock on our Facebook Page or contact us today to be featured as an engaged couple on All you need to do is send us a message at !

Do you have a creative idea for sharing the big news? Leave a comment below to tell us about you made your announcement!