Northern California Wedding Planner | A Full Service Wedding Experience

From IPSY, to Hello Fresh, Birch Box, Dollar Shave Club, StichFix, Blue Apron & Fab Fit Fun to name a few; let's talk about how awesome it is to have a box of curated goodies arrive at your doorstep.  Or furthermore, that companies and retailers are consistently adding more personalized options for consumers.  It makes sense, people are busy and would prefer to have the things that they like come to them.

Credit: Forbes Article 

Credit: Forbes Article 

In the wedding world we have the same basic elements, our couples are busy but instead of receiving wardrobe items or skincare products, we are using our experience and extensive networking relationships to present them with the best of the best in the local wedding industry to curate their wedding experience. 

Photo credit: SC Stockshop 

Photo credit: SC Stockshop 

When couples are beginning their search for a wedding planner they might wonder what the differences are between the planning packages and which one is the best for them.  If we were going to use the subscription box analogy to lay it out, think of it this way:

The Foodie Couple
Two busy working professionals recently got engaged.  The bride-to-be is working on finishing up her masters program so their time together is already very limited.  Food is their love language so their favorite thing to do together on their one night off a week is to cook.  Lately, they find that it's challenging to make the time to plan the meals and go to the grocery store to get all of the ingredients for their date night dinners. 

They've heard about a cooking/meal subscription service and love the idea of not having to plan it all out but still get to enjoy cooking together.  They've narrowed down their search to two options:

Option A - The couple will speak with the meal concierge service who will ask them questions about their schedules, likes & dislikes on spices, any cultural preferences/traditional cooking styles, , seasonal favorites, allergies or food restrictions etc.  Then the concierge asks them about fun dates or travel destinations they'd been to in the past, so that she knows enough detail to curate and preselect the meals for them based on their food preferences & budget/initial price point selection.  

Option B - The couple will fill out an online survey to get started, and then for each meal that they would need to preselect the type of meal and then choose from 1 of the 10 recipes for that meal the prior week.  Some of the recipes have reviews so the couple can try to read the reviews prior to deciding, but selections will need to be made the 2nd Tuesday each week by 4 pm for the corresponding delivery.  The subscription fee is lower than in option A but the meal price will depend on their selections with each order. 

Which option do you think the foodie couple should choose to make the most of their date nights together?  If you said Option A, then it sounds like you totally get how valuable time really is and that it makes sense pay a small premium in order to receive such personalized service. 

If we relate this back to weddings, we could say that some couples would enjoy taking the time to research the recipe's themselves, shop at the grocery store and prepare the meal themselves; where others would prefer to have that personalized date night experience done for them so that they can both be immersed in the cooking and dining experience instead of the prep work

No one way is better than the other but we want to give the best service we possibly can and that means being from beginning to end to create a seamless wedding experience.  

- Anyone else hungry after all of that meal selection talk? You can read more about our service options right her on our services page. 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Our 2017 Wedding Season is Wrapping Up

2018 Is Just Around The Corner - Here's How 2017 is Winding Down For Us

We've been so busy with consultations and meetings for 2018 couples the last few weeks but we wanted to take the time to talk about just how amazing 2017 has been for us thus far.  Not only have we worked with awesome couples, we've also launched our sister company The 530 & Co. allowing us to help businesses create beautiful websites, branding & SEO services  and virtual assistance.

Oh and we can't forget the shiny new ring on Delphine's finger! - She's engaged and will be saying her I Do's in September of 2018. 

Engagement Session by TreCreative

Engagement Session by TreCreative

A little photobooth fun with Six Rivers Photography at one of the recent bridal shows!

A little photobooth fun with Six Rivers Photography at one of the recent bridal shows!

We'll be creating a full wrap-up blog post at the end of this month, but here is just a sprinkle from our season! Click the photos below to scroll -->

Last year, we set a goal to make 2017 the year we focus on education, training & team development.  We believe that investing in education and professional development is really important because we want to continually improve on what we can offer to our couples.  Staying up on the best practices in business, planning & design will translate into being more efficient with clear systems and processes in our business and an even better service for our clients for years to come.  

We've asked our clients for their feedback on their planning experience because it is ultimately the best way we can measure our growth and success.  It means the world to us to know that we have helped couples enjoy their wedding day and that the investment in having a planner was more than worth it to them.  Their words gives us the warm & fuzzies, and their referrals to friends & family are a cherry on top!

Jennifer- Review from our Clients.png
Taylor- Review from our Clients.png
Brooke- Review from our Clients (1).png

You can read more from our clients on Wedding Wire, Yelp & Facebook!

2017 Wouldn't have been so sweet without our couples but also our fabulous team of ladies that we appreciate so much! We celebrated with a team appreciation dinner at the delicious Panighetti's Restaurant on Friday & had so much fun recapping the highlights of year. 

Mely, Maxine & Delphine

Mely, Maxine & Delphine

Both of our Jasmine's and Mely 

Both of our Jasmine's and Mely 

We're no photographers but we try to catch some behind the scenes shots every now and then because we love these ladies!

Veronica and Madison

Veronica and Madison

Mely lint rolling the tables

Mely lint rolling the tables

Delphine and Maxine

Delphine and Maxine

Veronica and Kat 

Veronica and Kat 

Stephanie, Wedding Assistant

Stephanie, Wedding Assistant

Delphine and Brittany

Delphine and Brittany

Delphine and Mely!

Delphine and Mely!

Delphine & Stephanie

Delphine & Stephanie

Stephanie and Mely, Wedding Assistants

Stephanie and Mely, Wedding Assistants

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~ Happy Planning! ~ 
xoxo Veronica & Delphine 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Planning Authentically

If you're knee deep in checklists and wedding magazine's you might be getting tired of hearing what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to planning your wedding.   There's a lot of contradicting advice you've heard along the way and likely a lot of pressure to get it right.  Today's blog post is all about less worrying about all of that and more about finding ways to be authentic and present in your wedding day. 


Life happens and work gets busy, vacations & holidays or getting the keys to your new place.. it's normal to have things come up and have to sideline planning for a bit.  We promise it will be fine, take a breathe, and take a long walk with your fiance! (we know it still sounds funny to say fiance right?!) If you were to take this long walk together, what would you talk about? What would be the fun memories that make you laugh, or the best food you've ever had together? Those little memories and quirks are what make your relationship so unique and fun, THAT's the good stuff right there.

Now the question is how can we infuse those quirks and those great stories into your wedding day to make your guests feel like they have been invited into the celebration of the most important story of all; your love story.

Hold that are going to be surrounded by your closest friends and family on your wedding day and likely the few days before or after as well.  How can we create a wedding weekend timeline that makes the most of the time you get to spend with them?  We certainly don't want you to be worrying about centerpieces or chair sashes when you could be drinking mimosas with your girls while getting dolled up.  The answer? Trusting in the professionals that you've hired to produce the event and let them focus on the logistics to ensure everything is set in place just as you've imagined.  

Such a fun tribe at Cate & Chris's wedding, captured by Julia Lukash Photography

Such a fun tribe at Cate & Chris's wedding, captured by Julia Lukash Photography

Imagine being invited to a friends house for her birthday dinner and everyone is sitting in the dining room while your friend is slaving in the kitchen and buzzing around trying to make everything perfect.  Sure the table settings are beautiful, and dinner smells delicious but it's hard to celebrate your bestie's birthday when she's stressed or MIA. 

So here are our top tips:
1. Keep your guest list in check -
An intimate wedding allows you to connect and interact with your guests and allocate more of your budget on guest experience. 
2. Highlight one of your favorite treats or drinks - You and your sweetie love craft beer? Host your favorite craft beers during cocktail hour or name some of your tables after your top choices.  Guests will get to experience a little more of what you share together.
3. Curate your playlist - Work with your DJ to highlight some of the music that brings back memories that you've shared together or with your guests.  
4. Personalize your Wedding Vows - Naturally we've been to a lot of ceremonies in our day, but we're such a sucker for those sweet vows an notes about what it is that you have found in each other to forge this beautiful union and that you will share the rest of your lives together.  Ugh...tissues please!
5.  Stay Grounded - Keep busy with your normal day to day lives without letting wedding planning and all of the articles cloud your mind, spend time with friends and family doing non-related events.  If you need to vent, get it out but give your friends the ok to let you know if you're borderline bridezilla...

~ Happy Planning! ~

Veronica Blog Post.jpeg

Northern California Wedding Planner | You Set Your Date, Now Share The News

If you've been staring that beautiful ring on your finger, and wanting to share the news with an official save the date then check out some of these beautiful options and take advantage of special pricing at

We're so excited for engagement season, and thrilled to share some of these great options for couples who are looking for predesigned stationery options.  If you are hoping for something custom be sure to send us a message or drop a comment below and we can schedule a time to chat!  

We only share information and promotions from companies that we know and use, the promotion above are affiliate links to  

~ Happy Planning!

Northern California Wedding Planner | Rancho Victoria Vineyard Wedding - Kaleigh and Chris

Rancho Victoria Vineyard stole not only our hearts, but clearly the hearts of these two newly weds! Kaleigh & Chris's love for each other, is a love that is so amazing and so pure.

Ashley Teasley & her fantastic team of photographers truly mesmerized us through their photos. As wedding planners, it's difficult to see all of these special moments. That's why we get SO excited when we receive photos in our inbox... for images like these, tell a story that we will always remember.  

Venue: Rancho Victoria Vineyard
Photographer: Ashley Teasley Photography
Florals: Flowers On Main
Makeup: Molly Isaacson
Hair: Cierra Shea
DJ: J Crew Productions
Catering: Back Forty Texas BBQ
Rentals: Simply Country Weddings
Dress: Miosa Bridal
Coordination: The 530 Bride

Northern California Wedding Planner | How To Organize Your Wedding Details in Under 30 Days

Forget the countdown to Christmas, you're counting down to your wedding day and it is coming up fast.  Aside from watching the forecast you aren't quite sure what else you can do to prepare.  Often we come into the picture when a couple or their family decides that an extra set of hands and some organization would really help ensure that everyone can just enjoy the day without worrying.


Timeline - We love pretty things we do, and organizing the decor details will come but first it is so important to see all of the variables together on one timeline.  We take a few things into consideration: 

  • Getting Ready - Where do you plan on getting ready before the ceremony? Will you put your dress on there or at your ceremony venue?
  • Transportation - Are you taking transportation to the venue, if not how and when will you arrive to the venue.
  • Photography Coverage - If you would like photos of your gown, shoes, accessories and invitations, this will need to happen prior to getting dressed.  So we look at how many hours of coverage you have and prioritize what they will cover if we are limited.  If you have a huge family - make sure to have a clear shots list with your photographer and account for that on your timeline.
  • Access to Venue - We'll look at decor load in times and if any set-up can be done at the time of rehearsal, if not then we put together an outline of what items are arriving and where everything will be set-up.  This also includes what time everything needs to be cleaned up at the end of the night, so thorough communication with all event partners is key.
  • Food & Beverage for Guests - Everything from what time ice needs to arrive for the kegs/bar items and water, to what appetizers are being served if any and if any additional items need to be brought in by the couple (example: ziplock bags or to-go containers for leftovers, disposable plates and forks for cake if caterer is not providing) 

Ceremony - This often comes together in the last few weeks so don't feel like you are too behind.  Now is the time to start deciding on the processional order of how your wedding party and any escorted guests will come down the aisle, and what music they will be accompanied by. 

  • Any Special Readings/Traditions 
  • Who will have the rings
  • Who are your witnesses and when would you like them to sign the license
  • Who will mail the license after the ceremony? - Make sure to get this in within 10 days of your ceremony!

Schedule a phone session with your officiant if needed to get an idea of how long the ceremony will be.  You don't want to give yourself 30 minutes on the timeline for the ceremony if its going to be done in 11 minutes flat! There are some great guides to planning your ceremony vows, we've linked to some here if you want to check them out.  (Download Link

the-530-bride_ceremony guide cover.jpeg

Confirmations  & Final Details - You met with your caterer what 6 months ago? Did you have the correct dinner time listed on the consult sheet? Maybe something has changed, and now is the time for the timeline and confirmation calls with each of the event partners you've hired for your wedding day.  If you don't have a wedding coordinator yet, we strongly urge you to consider one even if only for the prep and hourly for assistance.  Otherwise, appoint a very organized friend who can assist with covering all of the bases.  Final headcount, rental numbers, song selections and announcements to shuttle pick up times and arrival time for hair and make-up - you name it, it needs to be confirmed.

Design - Alright, now to the pretty stuff! We'll sit down with the couple or go over their rental orders of what items they are having brought in and identify if any other items need to be on their packing list such as AA batteries for LED Pillar candles.  We encourage couples to take a mock picture of any tables they would like set-up in a specific way or make notes/instructions on the boxes they pack in.  So if you want 4 votive candles, one frame per table in addition to the centerpiece and table number - write it down.  This also helps for clean-up because the boxes will be labeled and super easy to pack back up.  So make sure you have even a basic sketch/idea of: 

  • Floorplan and or seating chart layout
  • Special items (toasting flutes, cake cutting set, card box, guestbook, memory table items, chair signs for newlyweds, etc) 
  • Signage & Frames - Do you want these in a particular place or can these be styled at the discretion of who is setting up?
  • Florals - What time are your bouquets arriving? Where - to your hotel room or the venue? Are your ceremony florals being used after the ceremony in another spot after the ceremony? If so, where are they moving and who is moving them?

Did you know that The 530 Bride offers a la carte services like set-up and break down for weddings, just to make this process a little easier? If you're 30-45 days away from your wedding date (or less) and could use some help, shoot us a message and we'd be happy to schedule a free consultation/therapy session haha.  In all seriousness, it's going to be fine! 

Veronica Blog Post.jpeg

Northern California Wedding Planner | We're Sort of Psychic

Alright so we can't predict the weather (wouldn't that be nice) but we can steer couples away from red flags during their planning process.  Maybe it doesn't come from a cosmic super power but let's call it "wedding planner intuition."  


From a bride ordering her custom wedding dress online to a "friend of a friend" DJ'ing your wedding... we try to steer couples away from these potential catastrophe's because it is simply not worth it for you to save a bit in one area and cost yourself the headache or disappointment in the long run.  

It happens to all of us.  We see a good price or an opportunity to save money, maybe even an impulse shopping decision.  I myself was guilty over Black Friday when cruising on Amazon Prime I saw some beautiful sequin linens that were so beautiful in the photos I just had to have them.  So I added them to my cart and right as I was about to check out I saw another listing from the same shop and looked through some of their other items.  That's when I started reading the reviews from customers who unfortunately received the items that looked nothing like they did in the picture.  Not only that, they didn't match the measurements of the linens listed.  Even if it wasn't a wedding day, lets say it was a birthday party or even a gathering that you are hosting and you are so excited about how this linen is going to tie everything together.  You receive it and it's missing sequins or looks like it was sewn by a blind monkey! Now you are rushing to find a plan B.


What is my point? Rushing to find a plan B when it comes to your wedding is unnecessary stress that you don't need.  We can only encourage you to take our advice when it comes to hiring professionals and quality product that we know is going to meet your expectation.  Why risk a years worth of planning and organizing a timeline when your friend of a friend DJ shows up and pretty much thinks they are there to party instead of following a timeline or making announcements to keep everything running smoothly.  As a wedding planner, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are trying to do multiple jobs at once and still not able to fix the couple's disappointment due to another vendor failing to do what they were hired to do.

So when you hire a wedding planner you are also hiring someone who has learned from years of experience and understands how to avoid these red flags.  We've learned from our own challenges, and we recommendations on professionals who we know and trust to go above an beyond to make a couple's day amazing.

Veronica Blog Post.jpeg

~ Happy Planning & Happy Holiday shopping -
p.s Read the reviews first!!
XoXo - Veronica

Northern California Wedding Planner | Planning Your Wedding Over The Holidays

We can't believe it but time has flown by and the holidays are upon us! We're nearing the end of our 2017 wedding season, with one more sweet wedding day to celebrate next month.  With all of the holiday ads and countdowns we know it can be a stressful time for couples.  You might feel extra pressure to start nailing down the wedding details and wondering how to keep your planning on track during this busy time of year.  Here's a handy infographic with our top tips: 


We hope that all of the future couples can take a breath and realize that it's not worth it to be stressed over your wedding day! It really is supposed to be fun, so if you feel like you are carrying the load all by yourself please consider reaching out even if you just need to ask for advice.  We've got your back!
~ Happy Planning!~

Northern California Wedding Planner | Keeping Your Wedding Budget in Check

Our tips for keeping your wedding budget in check


If we had to name one thing that can really cause stress it wouldn't be hard to guess that the Budget topic is first on the list.  Why? Because it is often skipped over in the excitement of being engaged and the couple or the families of the couple choose a wedding venue off the bat without realizing how that impacts the rest of the budget moving forward.  

Looking at sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire, you will see an estimation of 50% of your total budget going towards the cost of the venue.  What varies greatly is what the venue actually provides.  If your venue doubles as your ceremony and reception venue and includes amenities like tables and chairs, you probably in good shape.  

Our advice is to A) Discuss the budget and be realistic on how much you are comfortable putting away or who will be contributing.  B) Meet with a wedding planner who can put these numbers into perspective for you based on the area C) Create two spreadsheets based on your top two venues and break down how the budget would be allocated in both scenarios.  

Wedding planning is fun we promise, but it does come with some reality checks and for good reason.  We strongly believe in planning for the experience and not for the "stuff" or you will definitely go over budget and feel like you are being over taken by the whole process.  

We use a planning dashboard to help our couples through their planning and budgeting so that we can track costs and keep all of those items in check.  By tracking deposits, payments and final balance it keeps the financial aspect much more transparent.  

What has been the most stressful aspect of planning for you? Just getting started? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation for wedding planning and how we can best help you. 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Give Yourself Some Grace

It's Friday and it's raining. A Fall lover's happy place is with a hot cup of coffee and a good book or Netflix series - Can I get an amen? For a lot of couples who have #allthethings on their minds when it comes to their wedding day and maybe feeling behind, we want to remind you to take a moment and try to give yourself some grace!


Instead of worrying about getting out the save the dates, or price checking those rentals instead think about what you can do as a couple this weekend to just be "normal" and take a break from wedding mode.  

Hold up --> Did a wedding planner just tell you to take a break from planning? Yep, and it is so that when you have had some time you can come back with a clear mind and actually enjoy the wedding tasks at hand.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is never to late to reach out and ask for some help.  We work with couples who are at all different stages of their planning.  Did you know that we also offer remote planning? Meaning, maybe you just need some support with lining up your wedding services or getting caught back up on what to do next.  We're here for you if you ever need to chat or ask questions! 

For our Butte County couples, make sure to hop over to the new site to find local resources for your wedding as well! 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Keeping it Intimate - Ceremonies & Pop-Up Weddings

We're Loving Intimate Weddings - Here's Why: 

Instead of being lost in seating chart land or worrying over shuttles for 140 guests, couples can focus on their vows, experiencing the dining experience along with their guests, visiting and truly being in the moment.  Not to mention the budget can often be allocated on enriching your guests experiences with welcome bags, custom stationery at their place settings, or live music for example.  

Photos Courtesy of  Amanda Wei Photography

laura-and-leah_SF Wedding Day_the-530-bride

Many of our couples reside outside of Northern California, and are planning their weddings remotely so having us in the area to go on site walks and meet with their event team saves them a lot of the leg work while giving them peace of mind.   After-all for most, this is the first time planning an event of this size so it can seem overwhelming when they first set the date. 

Recently, we've had the pleasure of working with couples who are really looking to streamline their wedding day experience and are looking for an all inclusive approach.  This can mean finding a venue who provides many of the amenities such as the event space, tables, chairs, food & beverage, etc and we contract the event team to complete the must-haves including florals, sound & photography to name a few.  

foriegn-cinema-wedding_san francisco_The-530-bride

If you are curious about Pop-Up Weddings and how they differ between an intimate wedding or elopement, here is a comparison:

Elopement - The couple + witness(es) + officiant

Pop-up Wedding - One venue decked out with all of the wedding goodies + multiple couples at various times during the day, night or throughout the length of the event + 15-20 guests typically and can include some of the essentials like officiant, photography, champagne, appetizers, music and dancing depending on the package you select.

Intimate Wedding - The couple + 20-60 guests + officiant and venue which could be a back yard, restaurant or small venue.

Creating an intimate experience with only a few of your closest friends or family members allows you to focus on the elements that matter most to you.  Surprise your guests with your choreographed first dance? Yes!!


Through our experience of planning intimate weddings we've honestly enjoyed such genuine connections with our couples and even their families who we get to know in the process.  We are so thankful for these amazing couples and for the opportunity to witness such joy and happiness!

~ Happy Planning~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | The Top 3 Scariest Wedding Tales

In true Halloween fashion, we've gathered up the three scariest tales for wedding days and hope to help couples avoid these coming true on their wedding day!

scariest wedding tales_the-530-bride

The Uncle Joe's

Despite the innocent appearing thought of having your friend's uncle Joe DJ, Photograph or even provide floral arrangements for your wedding, it can turn down right frightful very quickly.  This particular Uncle Joe claims to have over 10 years experience and "knows what he is doing."  What makes this so scary is that he isn't sharing what he is doing with anyone else, so no one is on the same page about what time to expect him there to set up, what he needs or what exactly he is providing.  Then since it's a friend of the family or your friend's uncle you feel between a rock and a hard place to complain or discuss your frustrations.  

The Mysterious No Shows

Two weeks before your wedding, you are chasing down RSVP's and making sure everyone has their hotel rooms booked (because they didn't book one under your room block..) and as you finally get these numbers confirmed with your caterer and rentals you feel like you are in the home stretch.  

Your cousin decides she wants to also get her hair done and you send a message to your hair stylist four days before the wedding to add one more to the headcount.  Oddly, you don't hear back but chalk it up to being a busy week and you move on to other tasks like making sure you have enough votive candles for each table and that your seating chart is spot on.   Fast forward to the morning of the wedding and you look at the clock, the hairstylist should have been here 20 minutes ago to set up. 

Someone confirmed with the hairstylist right? She knows which hotel you are staying at right?
We won't get into the gory details but without a timeline that has been distributed to each of the vendors and confirmed, how are you certain that everyone knows where to be and when to arrive? This is where a wedding planner comes in to play as we are checking in with your event team 6 weeks out and confirming once a timeline has been approved that all details are good to go.

The Death of The Timeline 

This last tale is one that has plagued couples in the past but can be easily avoided.  No one vendor runs the show, all have to work together to ensure that your day is smooth and that you make the most of it! So when we hear stories of the ceremony not starting on time because of hair and make-up, or dinner being late because the photography took longer to get all of the family shots, wedding party & and/or sunset etc we instantly ask *what did the timeline say? 
While a timeline is always meant as a guide and we don't force things to happen down to the minute, we do expect that all event partners are working together and that can only happen when all are following the same timeline.  

Don't let the sun go down and miss your sunset photos because toasts run 20 minutes longer than expected, plan ahead and consider who you would like to have toast then give this to the DJ.   

The moral of the story is to always hire professionals, have a point person *ahem* a wedding planner and discuss your wishes to everyone ahead of time.  You can have your dream wedding as long as you clearly tell others and plan to make this dream happen! 

~ Happy Halloween & Happy Planning~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Gover Ranch Wedding - Nikki & Brock

We always do a little bit of photographer stalking when it comes to seeing images after a wedding day, but we were especially anxious for Nikki & Brock's wedding day.  These two had smiles on the whole day, and to say that Nikki was organized is an understatement.  Her lists and diagrams of how she envisioned her tables & decor set-up made our little planner hearts happy! 

Here's a sneak peek of there wedding at Gover Ranch and we can't wait to share more from Grace Aston Photography (read, she's amazing!) 


Northern California Wedding Planners | Wedding Day Hangover

Put your feet up and try to control that giddy smile you have, at least that's what I tell myself after I get home from a 15 hour wedding day.  I'm a closet adrenaline junkie except that my rush doesn't come from jumping out of an airplane or going 100+ miles on a instead I find absolute joy when a couple has literally danced the night away and everyone is exhausted from so much fun.  

Wedding Recap

To still get chills every time a processional goes down the aisle perfectly, and the couple exchanges their vows means I'm on to something.  Toasts, first dances, and the incredible romance of it all has us hooked and keeps us so inspired in this wedding business of ours.  

Aside from all of the beautiful elements of a wedding day, our minds also replay other parts like set-up or interactions with the event partners (caterers, DJ's, photographers, decor) and the couple's family and friends.  Did we do everything that we could have done to make the event go smoothly, did we communicate and set up the event team for success? These recaps are crucial for always striving to improve our service to our couples and to the wedding pro's who become like a second family to us during a busy season.  

As wedding planners sometimes the only reassurance we need are hugs from our couples, happy text messages before they board their honeymoon flight and seeing their status change online from engaged to married! 


I could say that I did put my feet up and catch up on Netflix today but if you know me well enough you know that isn't my style.  Instead my afternoon was busy with phone sessions to catch up with a few of our couples and also a week-three session of a coaching group that I am participating in to take things here at The 530 Bride to the next level.  

XOXO - Veronica

~ Happy Planning ! ~

Northern California Wedding Planner | Wedding Day Essentials

We keep our clients organized with a checklist during the planning process as we guide them to their wedding day, but the goal is to be done with all of those items before the week of the wedding.  So pin this easy list to your boards now, or post it on your fridge to remind yourself to keep it simple!

Top 5 Wedding Day Essentials

Despite what you see on The Knot or Pinterest, you don't need to do all the things and buy all the stuff.  Less is more when it comes to a wedding, it's about the experience and making memories with your guests! We keep our clients organized with a checklist during the planning process as we guide them to their wedding day, but the goal is to be done with all of those items before the week of the wedding. 

Here's our break down of the wedding day essentials: 

The-530-Bride_Wedding Day Essentials

All of our wedding planning clients get to use our planning dashboard to keep them organized, plus it's so rewarding to check off all of the items on a to do list! We'll be posting tips on organizing your wedding planning so stay tuned!

~ Happy Planning ~