Wedding Planner Education | How to Define Success

We wouldn't be sharing this post if we didn't understand fully what it can feel like to be somewhere in the middle of the road with your business and not know if you are doing it "right." All of the same questions you're asking yourself, we've been there.  Everything from asking "should we be doing more weddings...should we raise our prices..are we successful?" 


What defines success? Specifically for a service based business you do have a cap of how many events you can realistically take on, what is that capacity for YOU? Are you enjoying a good work to life balance, or a quality of life that you would expect while in business for yourself?  After-all, if you wanted to be a slave to the 8-5 gig then you wouldn't have started a business right?

Take a look at your goals and see if there is a number that jumps out, a dollar figure that means you are not only profitable but "successful." If you find that you could be more efficient in your business so that your workflows save you time and keep you doing the creative side that you enjoy, this education series is for you.  

Recently, I completed the 8 week Wedding Planning Intensive course with Mary Swaffield and I was really happy to have taken the time to look introspectively at our company.  7 years in business and we still have areas that we want to improve.  Client experience is our number one goal, and in my mind if our clients have an amazing experience with us and if we have a reputation for providing excellent service; we're successful.  Baby steps to keep progressing forward. 

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